Finally, my wife’s Christmas gift is here. It is a nice looking tile floor cleaner. Now, I just need to teach my loving wife how to use it. She has not used one before. Neither have I for that matter but I want us to learn together. That way, I am going to learn a few things about cleaning because I intend to help her whenever I am home.

One thing that I have learned from the few times that I have used this cleaning tool though is that it is very effective and efficient. If a man is not careful, he can become addicted to cleaning and actually start looking forward to it.

Here are a few cleaning tips for floor tiles:

Ceramic Tiles

Floor picture

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are quite easy to clean. You can use just about any kind of soap or cleaning solution and the tiles will still be safe, without sustaining any scratches. It is best that you get a cleaning mop with microfiber pads for a more thorough cleaning. The reason for this is that the ceramic or porcelain tiles harbor and hide germs. Thus, even though they are easy to clean, they require to be cleaned more frequently and more thoroughly.

A microfiber pad is also safer as it will not scrub your tiles. At the same time, most floor mops come with washable and reusable cleaning pads, which you can use for a long time. You will also find them flexible enough to access corners that other pads may not be able to reach.

Natural stone and marble tiles

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These are stunning floors and they add a lot to the value of the home. However, they require a lot of delicate care because they scratch easily. Thus, even when these tiles have grit, make sure you choose your sweeping broom carefully. If there is grit on the floor, you will make scratches if you sweep with a  broom. It would be much better to mop such a floor if you would like it to retain its quality for the longest time possible.

Another thing that you ought to bear in mind is that you should never use any cleaner that you lay your hands on. You must make sure that the cleaning solution that you use is of neutral pH. Thankfully, floor tile cleaning solutions are easy to make at home if you do not fancy the store-bought ones. That way, you can make the recommended cleaning solution that will prolong the life of your stone tiles.

Cleaning the grout

You should never use alkali or acidic products to clean the grouts because both of them could damage them or the tiles. On the contrary, just use a neutral cleaning agent such as you can buy in the stores because manufacturers do make them.

Skipping cleaning the grout lines is not an option since no matter how shiny and clean your tiles are, the dirty grout lines will diminish the lovely effect of your hard work. You can use a steam cleaner and a scrub brush. The hot water will help kill any bacteria that could be lurking in the grout and at the same time, the soft-bristled brush will get rid of any stains.