Cleaning and caring for your floor is hard work, but if you have the right tools for the job, this should be easy, and enjoyable. Now that we are in the festive season and we have invited our families and guests over, we do not want to do too much cleaning. That is why I decided to find some helpful tips to help us maintain the floor in good condition without expending too much energy.

Here are a few tips for caring and maintaining your floor:

Use doormats


We hardly give any regard to the doormats, yet they play a very important role in keeping pour house floor clean and in impeccable condition all the time.

When you have a doormat in place, in fact at all doors that lead to the exterior of the house, you motivate your kids and people to wipe their feet as they come in. Usually, shoes collect grit, which harms the floors because people drag their feet a bit as they walk.

You can also seal your driveway with a latex sealer for the asphalt so that you avoid grit, oil, grease and other stuff coming into your house.

Move furniture carefully

Young woman pushing the sofa

From time to time, there arises the need to move the furniture. You should be careful how you do that because furniture traps dirt under the legs and so when you drag it, the dirt causes abrasions on the natural stone floor, thereby lowering the quality of your floor.

Even when there is no dirt trapped under the legs of the furniture, you should still move the furniture carefully so as not to damage the floor. Ask for help to shift the heavy couches, but do not drag them across the floor.

Use protectors under your furniture

Get protectors that you can place beneath the furniture, or at least beneath the legs of the furniture. Depending on the weight of the furniture, the floor protector that you place under it should be wide enough to accommodate that weight.

Protect the floor from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight may not be very good for the tiles, whether they are ceramic/porcelain or natural stone/marble. Get a good set of curtains that will allow in light but will block direct sunlight. The curtains themselves should have some UV protection. It is very important that the floor is not affected by the UV rays of the sun to protect the natural integrity of the tiles.

Clean the floor as regularly as you can

If you make a habit of cleaning the floor as regularly as possible, you will preserve it in great condition for a long time. This is because there will not be enough time for grit to collect on the floor, which would then force you to sweep harder with a broom, thereby causing scratches on the floor. You should also handle spills as soon as they occur. That way, on your cleaning day, you will not have stubborn stains to deal with.

Depending on the floor tiles, you can sweep or vacuum. Vacuuming is best for natural stone or marble. Sweeping is good for ceramic tiles which don’t scratch easily. With these precautions, you can see that keeping a clean surface is not hard at all.