The last thing that you want on your floor is streaks just when you think that you have cleaned it perfectly. This is very common on laminate floors, but not when you use the best laminate floor steam mops. If you buy one, you will find that it does a perfect cleaning job and you can actually look forward to cleaning.

With Christmas approaching, I have been wondering what to give my wife. She is a smart woman and she appreciates gifts that give value for money. I am also smart enough to know that the best gift should be the one that can be used for the good of the home. For a month now, she has been complaining about how she just can’t seem to get the floors of our house clean enough. Thus, I am contemplating buying her a mop for laminate floors.

So I went ahead to look for the best mops for laminate floors. I knew nothing about cleaning tools, except the regular vacuum cleaner. So I needed information to buy a gift that can be appreciated. That is how I found myself on, a very helpful resource with a lot of information about cleaning. I found user reviews of laminate and tile floor mops and I was able to find two of the best one, which I am going to review here for you.

As I was looking for reviews of the best laminate floor mops, I was also looking for information about how to take care of laminate floors to keep them in good condition. This requires frequent cleaning so that they don’t sustain scratches and warps. In addition, these floors are best cleaned with mild cleaning agents and warm water.

It is also important to sweep the floor regularly so that you can get rid of any grit, sand or dust. Sand and grit can cause scratches on the floor if left to lie there for so long. When you sweep the floor frequently, there will be no scratching.

Clean any spills soon after they occur. That way, you will not have to use too much force on the stains. When you leave them to dry up, you will be forced to use more force, which will lead to scratching the floor.

The resin cover of the flooring can take as many cleanings as you can give it per day. It is also scratch-resistant but to keep it that way, you should clean it in the right way. It is recommended that you vacuum the floor instead of using a broom to sweep. When you use a broom, you actually press the grit onto the floor where it starts causing scratches. If you would like to sweep with a broom, you should choose one with soft bristles.

As you can see, taking good care of the laminate floor can involve quite a lot. You can refer to for more information about how to take care of the floor and the right tools for the job.

Here are two mops for laminate floors:

MopRite Deluxe Floor Mop

MopRite Deluxe

It is not called a Deluxe floor mop for nothing because it does a perfect cleaning job. When you buy it, you will get the mop pole, a couple of mop heads, mop plate, a brush for scrubbing, cleaning solution/soap dispenser and even a mop bucket in the package. This is pretty much everything, short of the cleaning solution, that you will need to start mopping your floor.


  • Mop plate and the mop handle are made of stainless steel for longevity
  • No rusting thus no order from the mop plate
  • The dual cleaners shorten the cleaning time
  • Handle can be pivoted to reach hard to access areas
  • 12-month warranty


  • Not available in many colors

O-Cedar Microfiber Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber

This is one of the best mops that you can use to remove grease, dirt and stains from your laminate floor. The mopping pads that you will get with this mop have scrubbing strips built-in to them. If you should wet the mop head just a bit, you will be able to collect hair, dust and more indoor allergens.

A wet mop head also gives you more power to clean off stains from the floor. You will also love that the mopping pads for the O-Cedar Microfiber Mop are washable and reusable. There is more to how this and similar mops clean laminate floors. You can look for more information so that you do not buy one blindly.


  • Washable mopping pads last a long time
  • Light – weigh lower than 2 lbs
  • Does a good job with stains
  • Good for wet mopping
  • Wide size of the mop ensures bigger cleaning area


  • Handle is too long
  • Handle is not telescopic